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NEW CLUB MOTTO -- We hate Covid 19 because it stops us playing trains. 


We are the leading Model Railway club for Leicestershire and surrounding area, established since 1981 with a clubroom on the outskirts of Loughborough.


We run the renown Loughborough Model Railway Exhibition in  August and are also  behind the GCR Model Event in June .

We were an active club of around 50 members with a diverse rang of talents able to build layouts to exhibition standard.
We await the re-opening of the club sometime over the next few months.


So its down to modelling at home then....

Installing switchable dcc Tail lights in a Baccy 37...

1. Release the body, 2 screws either side of fuel/water tanks, 2 screws each nose end.
2. Remove the sound chip.
3. Unsolder the orange wire attached to position 'B' on each end of circuit board. You may need to release the 3 screws holding down the circuit board.
4. Attach short length of wire to to each orange wire(insulate the join), Green to speaker end, Blue to other end.
5.  Now the challenging bit....solder the Blue wire to pin 14,  Solder the green wire to pin 15.

    6. Place a bit of tape over the 2 copper contacts as these are the cab light contacts. They are part of the cuircuit board and switch on unrealistically at both ends using Aux 1.

  7. Replace soundchip, back on with body and your good to go.
  8. Tail lights should now operate off which button is programmed for Aux1 and 2. If this is is not part of the original sound project then the cv's will need  will need changing to take this into account. This can be worked out manually or using either a  Lokprogramer or Sprog unit. 
The benefits being in a club are the members experience with this and their Lokprogramer !.
Contact the Secretary below on how to join this merry band...

Next month - How to cook macaroons or adding Switchable tail light's to a baccy 47....not decided yet which .





*** GCR MODELEVENT 2021  ***

This event has been cancelled.
We await confirmation on next year.

***  LOUGHBOROUGH  SHOW Aug 21/22  2021 
See seperate tab.
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***( Oh No...CANCELLED Again this year ) ***
Page updated -  04/04/21


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To learn our history and all about us go to  About the Club page.

To see our club layouts on the circuit and those being built go to Club Layouts page.

Pictures of our layouts on Photo Gallery page.

For our Annual  Exhibition visit Loughborough Exhibition  page.

For details of the GCR Model Event we Organise visit  GCR Model Event page 

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