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Dorehill St. Stevens
The Charnwood Forest Branch
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Meridian Parkway
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Hardington Valley
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Dorehill St. Stevens Our extensive OO gauge exhibition layout.
Set in the North Midland and South Yorkshire area between 1956 and 1962.
The Charnwood Forest Branch  'O' gauge layout based on the station at Derby Road, Loughborough.Whitick and on through Grace Dieu Viaduct then off into the lovely Leicestershire countryside.
Aylett End A DCC OO gauge layout, set in the Southern Region in the 1950s and 60s.
Features a terminus station , yard  and Dairy.
15.5' x 12' depth, 3 operators and ok for 1 day shows.
Dilhorne Park Colliery Layout in Progress -- should be ready for GCR Model Event

     Dilhorne Colliery is set in the late 1950’s early 60’s in the rural North Staffordshire moorlands, newly built by the younger members of the Soar Valley Model Railway Club, along with the help of others. The layout is currently a work in progress, it is loosely based on Foxfield Colliery which concrete headgears still stand preserved, overlooking the rolling hills of the countryside. Many preserved locomotives that have been on the railway over the years have been built either from kits or are ready to run models, and can be seen on this layout, performing duties that would have taken place many years ago. We operate DCC in all of our locomotives (some with sound), working signals and lights and operating pit wheels on one of our headgears. The other benefit of DCC Operation means it only requires two operators.
   Plenty of small detailed features can also be found along the layout. Dilhorne is temporarily in a smaller form (measuring 20ft x 3ft) and will eventually be longer to show a more countryside moorland scene that can be seen along the line today. The buildings which are no longer standing have been scratch-built using mainly card, designed as close as possible to photos. Some buildings are also from Bachmann’s Colliery range.

Meridian Parkway  Layout in Progress
Set sometimetime this century , portraying a large through station and yard, with a higher station on another level.
'oo' gauge and Dcc operated, currently being worked upon, but recently ripped apart after finding that HS2 is coming through.
36' x 12' depth this is liable to change (lets build another extension.)
Woodley G.C.  Layout in progress.
'N' gauge layout based on the semi-fictional recreation of the area around Swithland Sidings on the Great Central Main Line, set in the 1950s.

Lossiemouth Layout in Progress
 The station of Lossiemouth based in the Great North of Scotland.
Set during the late 50's,early 60's.
Dcc operated, 16' x 6' ft depth.

Sowters Lane Based on a number of slate, coal and quarry railways in a rural area, Sowters Lane is a fictitious 009 narrow gauge layout.
12' x 5' depth.
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 4 operating position for kids of all ages to operate on their own.
Volunteer members take Thomas and friends to various venues throughout the year to raise money for
Rainbows Children's Hospice.
6' x 6' depth 

Hardington Valley This Hornby- Dublo layout was built in honour of our past club member Roy Hardington. This layout represents every boys' dream in the 1950s.

Layout now Retired
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